Anyone But The Cowboys!
Anyone But The Cowboys!
O.K. Bills fans, I have jumped on your banwagon, but there is a threat brewing over there on the NFC side. The Bills, while once again showing why they are the best team in the AFC, have to be concerned about their eventual opponent in the Super Bowl.

At first we though it might be the Bears, but they have fizzled the past two weeks. Then we here at SS jumped on the Panthers bandwagon. That wagon lost its wheels in a stunning loss on Sunday.

Now, as unfortunate as it may be (and it is very unfortunate for anyone who remembers the nineties), it appears as though it is the (duck to avoid being
hit by tomatoes) DALLAS COWBOYS.

Oh, say it ain't so! The Bills finally look like they have things under control in the AFC after years of being a laughingstock, and the reward they get is the Cowboys in the Super Bowl? This could not get any worse.

The Panthers and Bears were both teams that could be beaten, but the Cowboys, why that is another story. Sometimes these satire articles just write themselves.

The good news for Bills fans is that the last two teams we have endorsed on the NFC side have lost miserably in the next week. We (bandwagon Bills fan) can only hope that recent, and not long term, history, repeats itself.