Big Papi Lawsuit?
Big Papi Lawsuit?
David Ortiz has injured his wrist in the most unlikely of ways, and now has gone searching for injury compensation from the Red Sox. He is alleging that his wrist was injured while signing too many autographs at a charity function put on by the Red Sox.

Ortiz was complaining on Friday about the amount of autographs he had been signing lately, according to Manny Ramirez. "He (Ortiz) told me that his wrist was beginning to hurt, that they (Red Sox) were forcing him to sign hundreds of autographs for three straight days. When he couldn't play on Saturday, I knew something was wrong. I advised him to seek injury compensation from the team," said Ramirez.

Ortiz has not spoken publicly about the injured wrist, but his lawyer has confirmed that he is seeking injury compensation lawyers for his client. The whole situation has Ortiz a bit on edge, the usually friendly
Ortiz was heard blasting a fan who asked for an autograph on Sunday afternoon.

"Signing autographs for you losers is what got me in this situation in the first place. You want me to sign your damn baseball hat, or you want me to heal and get back on the field hitting home runs?," he was overheard saying to a Red Sox fan.

This is not the first time a Red Sox player has sought injury compensation from the Red Sox. Back in 1986, Bill Buckner brought on an injury compensation suit against the team. He claimed that there was a piece of rock on the field that caused the bad hop that eventually led to the Red Sox losing the World Series that year.

The judge in that case ruled against Buckner, saying he just misplayed the ball. He ordered Buckner to stop whining and get on with his life. He also ordered him out of the state of Massachusetts for ten years, or until the Red Sox won a World Series, whichever came first.