Money Hidden Away
Money Hidden Away
Michael Vick has been heard teasing his fellow inmates as of late about money. Although he claimed bankruptcy today somehow from jail, he still knows he has much loot when he gets out.

Vick filed bankruptcy based on the money that the government thinks he has, not on his actual earnings. He was overheard telling a prison buddy that he has twenty million dollars stored away from dog fights.

When Vick first got to jail and everyone was telling story's of why they were there, Vick did not say it was for
bankrolling a dog fighting operation. He told everyone that he used to bite the heads off of the dogs that lost, with his own teeth!

Once he gained the respect of his fellow inmates, he began telling them of money and dogs that have been hidden for years. According to one source, he buries each losing dog somewhere around his estate with however much money that dog made him in the fight.

When he gets out of jail, he plans on digging up the dogs and the money. The dogs he will have bronzed, while the money will go to strippers and marijuana.