Pedro's Latest Injury
Pedro's Latest Injury
Pedro Martinez has had a rough go of it over the past few years. He has been on the disabled list more than he has been on the field, and his latest setback is his strangest yet.

A pimple the size of a golf ball showed up on Martinez's nose early Friday morning. He tried to use acne medicine to get the pimple down, but that did not work. Now he will miss his start on Sunday thanks to the pimple.

Martinez is recovering from a shoulder injury and had pitched well in his last start. The zit is just the latest in a line of unusual injuries to the Mets former ace. Last month, he missed a game due to blurred vision from chlorine. He reportedly stayed in his swimming pool for too long.

in the year, Martinez missed a rehab start because he was knocked out from putting on too much cologne. He did not reveal at the time which cologne it was, but it was said to be very expensive.

In his latest setback, Martinez blames a Snickers bar that he ate Thursday night for the zit. "I knew I shouldn't have eaten the candy bar. Ever since I was sixteen I have been getting zits when I eat candy. It was irresponsible of me and I apologize to the Mets organization and their fans," said Martinez, in a prepared statement from his location at a Dairy Queen.

Martinez signed a big contract with the Mets a few years back, but there were no stipulations on the amount of stupid injuries he could have before the contract would be voided.