"We Are The Best!"
"We Are The Best!"
The NFL is the elitist of leagues in America. They do not care about, nor give credence to, any other sport. They do what they want, when they want and if that means overshadowing other sports, then so be it.

This week, the league is thinking about moving one of their games to a 10PM start. The reason for doing this would be simple. Try and overshadow the baseball playoffs.

"Why should baseball get any exposure with their playoffs? We are the NFL, we are the only league America should be paying attention to," said league Commissioner Roger Goodell.

This is not the first time the NFL has tried to force
Americans into liking their sport. In this past offseason, they have decided that their draft for next season will be held during the baseball All Star Game.

They also have announced that they will be offering free cheeseburgers at every burger joint in America during the World Series. The only stipulation is that the burger joints cannot put the World series on their televisions.

Letters have been sent out to various area codes asking people to please watch their sport. They claim in the letter, that there is no intelligence required and that anyone can learn the rules of their game to follow along. They point to their players as examples of that point.