Losers Again
Losers Again
The Chicago Cubs are in the playoffs again for the second year in a row. Someone should tell the Cubs that before they are swept away and there is no evidence that they ever existed in these playoffs.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are crushing the Cubs at Wrigley Field and it makes one wonder. Do the Cub players actually know they are in the playoffs? When asked that question several Cubs gave peculiar answers.

"This is the playoffs? Lou (Pinella) told us to just go out and play like we did all season and we would win. Boy was he fu**in'
mistaken," said first baseman Derek Lee. His comments were followed up by outfielder Alfonso Soriano's.

"Playoffs? We don't need no stinking playoffs. We have not won in a hundred years, what the hell made people think this year would be any different?" Unfortunately for Chicago, they are in the playoffs, and they are facing a hungry Dodger team.

"To think that I hated Joe (Torre) all those years just because he was a Yankee. Now, we are in the same organization with the same goal, and you know what? We both like Fruity Pebbles," said outfielder Manny Ramirez.