U.S. Taking On The World
U.S. Taking On The World
The United States has become so cocky about their ability to be superior to the world in every sport that they have suggested a change to the current format for the Ryder Cup. They will now not only take on Europe, but the whole world.

The current format has United States golfers taking on golfers from all the different European countries. While they are just one country, they still find it necessary to play against golfers from many countries.

The new format would include golfers from all around the world. "The fact is, we are just superior to all other countries, and even combined,
they offer us not much of a challenge," said a cocky Phil Mickelson after Friday's opening day of the Ryder Cup.

The Americans at first toyed with the idea of simply sending a healthy Tiger Woods to all international events. He would just play all of the rounds the team was required to play. They backed off that idea after realizing if they did that, the rest of these competitions would become pointless because he would win them all.

They settled on the USA versus the world format after Jim Furyk exclaimed, "why not take on the whole world, that is the direction our government is choosing, so why not us in the sports world also?"