"We Must Hug"
"We Must Hug"
The NFL has become an extremely violent sport. What used to be played by beer guzzling athletes is now played by fierce warriors. That is the image the NFL wants to send to its fans.

Or is it? Commissioner Roger Goodell today announced that he would like to curb some of the anger that leads to injuries in the league. He would like to take out some of the violence.

The first rule he has put in place is that all players should hug each other after each game. They then should go into the locker room, shower, change, and come out and hug a reporter or family member.

rule to help curb some of the violence is that each team will be required to wear pink uniforms at least once during the year. It is optional if the teams want to wear them more than once.

The league did offer an incentive for multiple wearings of the pink uniforms. Any team that wears them more than once, will get $1 million to go towards next year's salary cap.

"The violence has gotten too extreme, and it's time we changed the landscape of our game. Fans of other sports think there is no substance to our game, and that is true, but we will not be perceived as a violent league anymore," said Goodell.