Heading To Playoffs
Heading To Playoffs
The New York Yankees are not going to make the playoffs by their record in the regular season. Major League Baseball, however, did not want to have the playoffs without the Yankees in.

Therefore, the two have come to a compromise. The Yankees will be placed in the playoffs as an honorary team. They will not have to compete in the first two rounds, they will just go straight to the World Series.

In order to ensure that they get their television ratings, baseball has decided to allow the Yanks to play games between
former and current Yankees at Yankee Stadium. All of the games in the nineteen game series will be televised live on all major sports networks.

Unfortunately, to make room for the Yankees one of the current teams headed to the playoffs has to be eliminated. That team will be the Tampa Bay Rays.

"There is nothing good that could come to us (baseball) financially with the Rays in the playoffs. In light of that fact, we have decided to eliminate them from this year's playoffs and instead include the New York Yankees,' said Commissioner Bud Selig.