Not For The Loser!
Not For The Loser!
So what will become of the loser of the USC, Ohio State football game this weekend. Chances are that the loser will be heading down a path that will lead to the end of the world as they know it.

College football is big, so big in fact, that games like the one coming up on Saturday night could have devastating effects on the loser. To the winner go the spoils, and to the loser goes, well, the spoiled food.

Restaurants in both Southern California and Columbus, Ohio, will be watching the game with great interest in the outcome. Right now, players and coaches of both teams are fed well, and most of the time for free, by these restaurants.

Just don't lose. Once there is a loss, everything changes. "If they (Ohio State) lose, those boys better
not show up in my restaurant. If they do, I'll spit on their food, food that I found out in the dumpster, cause that's all they'll get from me," said John Simonez, an owner of a popular restaurant in Columbus.

Sentimens are the same in Southern California. "They lose, I make cook sushi and serve to them," said Chin Loo, owner of a sushi restaurant that has been around in California for as long as sushi has been popular.

The dangers do not stop at the food. Players will be forced to wait in line at the movies and bars upon returning home with a loss. Worse than that, they might even be forced to skip their weekly viewing of the new 90210 television series.

With all that at stake, it's no wonder that the press has hyped the third game of the college season. Who would want to have to miss 90210?