"I'm Such A Stud"
"I'm Such A Stud"
The news of Tiger Woods' wife being pregnant again gives more credibility to the idea that Woods is the most talented athlete in the world. Not only is he the best golfer, but now it turns out he might be the best lover as well.

Woods' announcement that his wife is again pregnant shows just how athletically skilled he is. He has not been able to get back out on tour this year after his injury, but he still somehow has found the athleticism to make love.

"It is truly amazing
that he could be injured yet still strong enough physically to create a child. It is truly a testament to how gifted of an athlete he is," said fellow golfer Phil Mickelson.

Woods would not describe the details of the unborn babies conception, but he did give a hint that it could end up being an immaculate conception.

"I'm just so mentally strong, that all I had to do was look at my wife and concentrate hard enough to make her pregnant. I'm not saying that's what happened, but it is a possibility," said Woods.