"I Am The Greatest"
"I Am The Greatest"
A fantasy football owner from East Lansing, Michigan, has contacted the Atlanta Falcons about possibly buying the team. He claims that he has dominated his league for several years and believes he could be a better owner than the Falcons current regime.

Brian Delaney has a system. That is what friends say about the man who has won the CrawDaddy League four years in a row. Delaney himself believes that he has something that other owners in his league do not possess.

"I have this extra sense of who is going to perform. Last year, I drafted Ryan Grant from Green Bay
before he was even in the mix to be a starter. That's how good I am," said Delaney.

Never at a loss of confidence, some owners in the CrawDaddy league feel that Delaney might possess a sixth sense. "The kid just picks guys that you shake your head at during the draft, but god darn it if those players don't turn out to be stars," said friend Joe Standley.

The Falcons have dismissed the idea of selling to Delaney. Most of the reason for saying no was because of his offer. It has been reported that he offered them $200 and a co-ownership package in which they would be able to sign into his account to make moves.