"Look Mom, I Won"
"Look Mom, I Won"
This article is just being written to inform people that the sport of golf still exists. Tiger Woods has not played in several months, so it seems like nobody cares about golf anymore.

Truth is, they don't. Vijay Singh won a golf tournament over this past weekend, but nobody cares. If Woods is not playing, then there is no reason to follow the game of golf, according to some experts.

One expert went as far as to say, "Golf. I'd rather watch a tape delay of the Olympics than golf. Not even these Olympics, a tape delay from 1980 would be better television than golf right now."

Woods, who has grown accustomed to playing these tournaments
from the comfort of his living room, sat this weekends tournament out. He claims that he has been putting too much pressure on his fingers and they needed a week away from the keypad.

The PGA earlier this year passed a new rule that Woods would be allowed to play tournaments on his PlayStation. He has already won two events since making the move to video game golf, but insists that he would rather be out on the course.

"It's just better to win when you can look into your opponents eyes and see that they fear me. Some say they fear me because I am a colored man playing golf, but I just think it's because I'm the best in the world," said Woods, in an interview from the winner's room in his house.