"I Want Them All"
"I Want Them All"
Michael Phelps is an extraordinary athlete. So extraordinary in fact, that he is trying to complete a feat that has never even been attempted in the history of the Olympics. He is trying to win every individual gold medal that is available.

So far, so good for Phelps, although all he has done up until now at the Beijing Olympics is prove that he is the best in the water. His next two attempts at gold will be much more challenging.

On Tuesday, he will attempt to win the 200 meter hurdles event. He claims to have never ran in
a competitive race, but that should not stop him since he is the greatest athlete in the world.

Once he completes that task, he will move on to volleyball. In order to win gold there, he will have to defeat other top men professional volleyball players, mainly Kerri Walsh and Misti May-Treanor.

Even if he gets by those two men, he may not be able to finish the deal. It has been rumored that he will try and defeat the Spanish basketball team and claim gold in the sport all by himself. Stay tuned for updates on his mystical journey through every event at the Olympics.