Missing In China
Missing In China
The Beijing games are just about to get under way this weekend and athletes from all around the world were annoyed with the host country on Wednesday. It seems that all restaurants in China have run out of fortune cookies.

Many superstitious athletes were stunned on Wednesday when they arrived in Chinese restaurants looking for their final meals before beginning preparations to compete. No matter which restaurants they ate at, there were no fortune cookies to be found.

"How can I compete without ever reading my fortune. Maybe my fortune would have said that something good was going to happen to me in the next wee.
Maybe it would have told me my lucky number of medals I would have won. Who knows, all I know now is that I have to leave all of that up to my skill and fate," said swimmer Michael Phelps.

In an ironic twist of fate, several 747 planes left China on their way to the U.S.. Owners of the Chinese restaurants had contacted their family members in America and told them to round up as many fortune cookies as they could.

The planes are expected to arrive in the United States at 3:00 A.M.. They will be loaded with the fortune cookies, and immediately fly back to China. The Chinese government hopes to have the fortune cookies back in time for the opening ceremonies.