Not Really Sorry
Not Really Sorry
Steve Smith was put in a tough situation this past weekend. The Carolina Panthers star wide receiver was hit with a two game suspension for a brawl that he was involved in with a fellow teammate.

Smith returned to practice on Monday and apologized for the incident. He claims that the apology was just a way to possibly get his suspension from the team lifted.

"Remember when you were young and you told your parents you were sorry because you thought they would lift your punishment? It's the same thing here. Do you think I'm really sorry,"
said Smith, as he winked to the reporter he was speaking to.

Smith has had incidents of rage before. When he was twelve, he threw a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at a teacher for calling him Double S. He also has pinched a photographer who took pictures of Smith while watering his lawn.

The Panthers claim they will not lift Smith's two game suspension, but they are happy that he admitted he was wrong. "Steve was taught a valuable lesson this past week," said one high ranking Panthers official, "he learned that you can't just pummel one of your teammates and get away with it."