"Dumb Trade"
"Dumb Trade"
The New York Yankees made what seemed like a significant trade on Wednesday. They acquired future hall of famer Ivan Rodriguez from the Detroit Tigers, but after they lost to the Angels on Thursday, their George Steinbrenner wanna be owner Hank ranted during a press conference.

"What the hell was that? Our GM (Brian Cashman) goes and trades for a guy, and the next day we lose. What good is it to pick a guy up if we are going to lose with him. What a waste of a trade," said Steinbrenner.

Steinbrenner has gone off several times this year already, and Wednesday's outburst most likely will not be his last of the season. He has been trying his hardest to be his dad, but is coming off as a whiny spoiled brat.

There was the time a
month ago when Steinbrenner laid into a concession worker for not bringing him his coffee exactly at 7:05 P.M., right before game time. Then there was the time earlier in the year when Steinbrenner blasted a flight attendant for putting his seat back forward too early.

Wherever he has gone, he has done his best to act as his dad once did, but to no avail. The most out of this world action might have come in that same press conference on Wednesday night when he said, "What has Rodriguez done? So he won a World Series. So what. He's been here one day and we lost, so that means it was a stupid trade."

Rodriguez had no comment after the game except to say that, "yeah, that guy is a d**k. I only came here to sabotage their season. I hate the Yankees, and so far, I am one for one in making them lose."