Swing And A Miss
Swing And A Miss
Richie Sexson who was recently signed by the New York Yankees was a lucky man late Monday evening. Sexson avoided domestic abuse charges when his wife called the police.

The cops showed up at their home within ten minutes of the call from Sexson's wife. When they questioned her about the incident she explained what happened.

"We were arguing, then he started taking swings at me with his fist, but he kept swinging and missing. After the ninth try, I ran in the other room and called you guys," she told the officers.

After assessing
the situation the cops decided they could not charge Sexson with domestic violence because he never actually connected with any of his punches. He spoke with reporters a few hours after the incident.

"I never was any good at making contact. At least in baseball I connect once every six at bats. Tonight I was horrible, I couldn't even hit that b**ch once," he said.

Sexson was released by the Mariners because he only had four hits in 437 at bats this year. Perhaps the attempt at domestic violence stemmed from realizing that he had to put on a Yankee uniform for the rest of the year.