Who Cares?
Who Cares?
Mike Hampton made his first start in three years on Saturday and you would think somebody would have paid attention. Nope. That was not the case. Hampton started the game against the Philadelphia Phillies Saturday afternoon.

Upon taking the mound, it should have been a joyous occasion for Hampton. It was not. The Phillies pounded him and his poor outing will probably land him back on the disabled list. The Braves even gave him a huge lead to hold.

Hampton did not actually injure himself again on Saturday, but what happened hurt much worse
than an injury. Philadelphia battered him in a game that he should have won, and what made matters worse for Hampton is that nobody cared.

The Braves have faded into the depths of baseball purgatory and they had hoped Hampton would give them a boost. The only problem was that this was not the year 2000. This was 2008, and Hampton got shelled.

He even admitted afterward that he was irrelevant. "My performance was horrible today. But who cares? Nobody really believed I would come back and be effective. I don't even believe that sh*t. I just came back for the money," said Hampton.