Gay Movie On Horizon?
Gay Movie On Horizon?
Jason Taylor has already began his transition from professional football into entertainment. His recent appearance on 'Dancing With The Stars' showed just how much Taylor wants to be in the limelight.

His move on Sunday, however, solidified any doubts that he is preparing for his career as an actor. Taylor's agent has sent a letter to the NFL asking that next season, all the games be played with no contact.

The letter states that should Taylor be injured on the field, he could permanently damage his acting career. He is seeking for just a one year exception from any contact in games in which the Dolphins are playing.

He also made it known that should he be traded, the team that
he is traded to should also be exempt from any contact. The league has not yet ruled on his request.

Rumors in Hollywood are swirling that a movie is already in the works with Taylor and the Rock playing gay cops in a psychological thriller. The movie details are not yet out, but insiders say it will drive gay men in the country wild.

One scene involves Taylor and the Rock swimming in a pool of champagne, talking about their time playing pro football. Just as they are to embrace, Taylor's gets a call on his radio, and both cops run out of the pool naked, much to the delight of everyone in San Francisco.

While Taylor and his feud with the Dolphins continue, he is hoping his latest request to the league for no contact will be honored.