I'm A Star!!
I'm A Star!!
Alex Rodriguez signed with a talent agent on Tuesday. That is not satire, that is the truth. There are times when the satire simply happens and does not have to be created. Rodriguez is hoping that the well known talent agency can find SOMETHING that they can market in A-Rod.

Outside of his recent scandal with Madonna, A-Rod has about as much personality as a pen. He has decided that it will now be up to the talent agency to do its job and find something to market.

Part of the contract he signed states that if ant any time, he is not happy with the way the talent agency is representing him, he can simply dump the agency and represent himself. Much like what he did to his agent Scott Boras.

A-Rod also has informed
the agency that if any modeling gigs come up, that he will only do photo shoots of his right side. He claims that is his most photogenic side. The agency did not answer the question on Tuesday of why they would want to put up with A-Rod, but sources close to the situation told Sports Satire that it was the money.

They also took it as a challenge to try and market somebody with absolutely nothing to offer anyone. They pointed to his lack of personality and constant arrogance as qualities they have never had to represent before.

It is not yet known what A-Rods first job will be. There have been rumblings that he will become a spokesman for RSPOA (Rich Snotty People Of America). One of his first assignments will be to host a charity event in which only he can attend.