"F**k These People"
"F**k These People"
Derek Jeter has come under fire from many Yankee fans of late for spitting too many times while he is out at his shortstop position. The fans feel he is disrespecting Yankee stadium by constantly spitting on it.

Jeter responded to the irate fans by claiming that spitting is just as much a part of the game of baseball as peanuts and hot dogs. Fans are not so sure, however. Many believe Jeter is telling former Yankees to go f**k themselves by spitting.

"I love the way Jeter plays the f**kin game, but why's he got to spit all the time. It's a sign of f**kin disrespect. Why not just go sh*t on the Babe's grave," said longtime Yankee fan, Vinnie Boom Bots.

Other players have come to
the aid of Jeter, saying that most of the time they are spitting sunflower seeds and not saliva. Still, Yankee fans don't want anything tarnishing their beloved Yankee Stadium.

"If it was up to me, they wouldn't even walk on that field. That's how important Yankee Stadium is. They should just award us titles and not have the4se guys rip up our filed by playing on it," said Yankee fan Joey Sindone.

Players from other teams have taken to the outrage against Jeter. "It's about time that pretty boy f**k got some negative press. I was starting to believe people of New York thought that guy don't ever take a s**t. And the ones that believed he does, thinks it comes out smelling like a f**kin flower," said Texas Rangers outfielder Milton Bradley.