"I've Always Been Better Than You"
"I've Always Been Better Than You"
Venus Williams disposed of her younger sister Serena in the Wimbledon finals on Saturday, leaving the younger Williams to go pouting to her father.

Serena Williams has always been a baby, according to Venus, and after the match she reiterated that point to reporters. "After the match, she told me she was going to tell Daddy on me, and I told her she was a sore loser," said the elder Williams.

Serena claims that Venus kicked her and pulled her hair on the night before the finals. She also said that Venus locked her in the bathroom for several hours while critiquing tape of her tennis abilities.

Their father could not be reached for comment. Sources say he was out spending the Williams sisters money from Wimbledon
on a new car for himself. It has circulated that matches between the two had been predetermined before they took place. He denied those rumors in a statement on Thursday.

"People think just because I've accurately predicted every match they have played against each other, that the matches were fixed. That is not the case, I only fix the grand slam final matches," he said.

Serena was visibly upset after losing to her sister. In her post match news conference, she spoke of times when the two were younger. "They (their parents) always let her win. Even when we were small it was always, 'let your older sister win Serena', or 'Venus is just better than you Serena', it gets old after a while. I want to win too. I want to win too," she said, as tears rolled off of her face.