Vick Arrested Again
Vick Arrested Again
Michael and Marcus Vick need help. They are in need of a personal injury attorney who can stop the bleeding to their careers and reputations. Marcus, who apparently learning nothing fro his brother's troubles with the law, received a DUI early Friday morning.

Vick was overheard telling the arresting officers that he felt his family had already been hurt enough after his brother was thrown in jail for simply beating animals. "Man, you cops are out to get us. My brother kills a few dogs and you send him upstate. Me, your gonna arrest me now just cause I drank a few bottles of Tanqueray. It's just wrong," said Vick.

The remaining family members that are not currently in jail have sought the expertise of a personal injury attorney. The family claims the lawyer is needed to help seek damages for injuries that have occurred to Marcus and Michael over the past year.

Representatives for the family feel that Michael needs a personal injury attorney because his
poor upbringing and even worse decisions once he became rich have caused severe mental anguish to the rest of the family.

Marcus, on the other hand, according to the rep. is in need of a personal injury lawyer for retention purposes only. The family feels it is only a matter of time before he injures himself on one of his dumb binges, so they are preparing accordingly.

When asked by the police why he was out partying at 2:00 in the morning, Vick replied, "Tammy (his girlfriend) and I were just coming back from the dog fights at my cousin's house, and I won a lot of money over there. So we figured we would go out and celebrate."

Vick's next arrest will be his 240th, which will put him in line to spend the next few holidays with his brother, Mike. Personal injury attorney John Greenberg agreed to take Michael on as a client, but refused service to Marcus. "Mike has a shot to clean up his life in the future, but Marcus, he's a lost cause. There's no way I can win him anything in court except extra visitation rights," said Greenberg.