Proud Parents
Proud Parents
Baby Joba Chamberlain pitched into the fifth inning on Sunday for the New York Yankees. The move to let Joba go into the fifth inning could spark other big moves for the future of the Yankees child.

General Manager Brian Cashman said after the game that if Joba's arm reacted well after Sunday's outing, that they might let Chamberlain go out to dinner by himself on the next Yankee road trip. Up until now, the Yanks only allowed him to travel outside the team hotel with a chaperon who was over thirty years old.

Chamberlain claims that he would like to have the additional freedom, but that it is kind of nice to have his parents, the Yankees, make his lunch for him. While Chamberlain is enjoying the treatment from the Yankees, Hall of Famer Willie Mays has seen enough.

"Back in the day,
pitchers used to throw back to back complete games and three hundred pitches in those two games. Now, this boy Chamberlain, you would think his arm was made of gold the way they're (Yankees) protecting him," Mays said.

Seemingly unfazed by Mays' comments, the Yankees went back to planning the upcoming week for Chamberlain. The schedule has been released to the media late Sunday.

On Monday, Chamberlain will get his hair cut at 3:00. Tuesday, he will be allowed one hour of free time to play with his friends. Wednesday, he begins to get ready for his next start. The Yankees said they might let him throw an additional ten pitches in that game, but only if he behaves between now and then.

Thursday and Friday will be busy for Chamberlain. The Yanks have him cleaning his hotel room to their liking, and unloading the dishwasher at the team's facility.