Federer Not Fond Of Clay
Federer Not Fond Of Clay
Roger Federer has been at the top of the tennis world for a long time. He has been ranked number one in the world for a record string of time, and has won almost every major tournament.

One tournament that he struggles at is the French Open. Today, Federer finally spoke about his struggles on the clay surface. "Tennis was made to be played on concrete, not clay. It's bad enough that the color of the surface is orange, but then on top of that, it is clay," he said in an interview with a fake newspaper.

Federer's main problem in not winning the French Open has been Raphael Nadal. Nadal has had no such problems with the clay, and was harsh in
his criticisms of Federer. "What the hell is he crying for. He wins almost every tournament. Boo Hoo, someone else wins all the time. Get over it. Get fu**in over it!," he exclaimed to the same fake newspaper.

Federer and Nadal have been doing battle for years. It approaches the rivalry that was Conners and McEnroe, except for the fact that both Conners and McEnroe were straight men.

With the finals of this year's Open quickly approaching, all eyes will be on Nadal and Federer. If Nadal wins again, Federer will be expected to once again bring up the clay issue. Should Federer actually capture the crown, Nadal had this to say, "If he wins. Good. Then he'll stop whining like a little b**ch."