Nicer Than The Lombardi
Nicer Than The Lombardi
Major League Baseball took a page out of the playbook of the NFL on Tuesday when they announced that they would back Game 5 of the World Series up until Super Bowl Sunday.

The move was done by the commissioners office to ensure baseball fans that they will no longer accept football walking all over them. The NFL has for a long time now, disregarded any other sport when it came to boosting their own self image.

"Football is like the bully in school," said baseball commissioner Bud Selig, "they keep bullying until one day, the wimp stands up for himself and kicks the bullies ass. That is what we are doing,
we're kicking the bullies ass."

Game 5 was supposed to be played on Wednesday night, but Selig, in conjunction with both teams, made the decision to play on Super Bowl Sunday. That is good news for the Phillies, who will now get to start their ace, Cole Hamels, on two and a half months rest.

The Rays are hoping the layoff wakes up their bats. They have gone cold so far in this World Series, but a two month break may be just what the doctor ordered. "I spoke to my doctor today, and he ordered me to take two months off. If we had to play on Wednesday I couldn't have gone, but now I will honor the wishes of my doctor," said Rays third baseman Evan Longoria.