"Boy, Was I Drunk That Day"
"Boy, Was I Drunk That Day"
The New York Yankees have their newest member of their coddle stable. Pitcher Joba Chamberlain was arrested over the weekend after blowing enough alcohol into a breathalyzer to get the officer administering the test, drunk.

Owner Hank Steinbrenner did not go on his usual rant like he enjoys doing when in the spotlight. Instead, he played the Yankee family role, and Chamberlain plays the part of the child that can do no wrong.

While other Yankees get thrown to the wolves in situations such as these, Chamberlain gets protected. Why? Because he has an arm that throws a 95 MPH fastball and a nasty slider.

has allowed for the Yankees to slide right by the fact that Chamberlain apparently has a drinking problem. "He knows he made a mistake, and when you throw the ball that hard, we will defend you as well,' Steinbrenner was heard telling a reporter.

Chamberlain was apologetic after the incident, indicating that he understands that he has to show remorse, even if he is not remorseful.

Chamberlain claims he made an "error in judgement". He went on to say, "I am sorry that I was caught driving under the influence. I should never have allowed myself to get caught. Will I do it again, sure, but next time I have to be a better drunk driver this way I don't get busted."