"Man, we suck!!"
"Man, we suck!!"
The Cincinnati Bengals have gotten soo bad that they are calling for a game between them and the other losers in the league, the Detroit Lions. The game would take place not on a field, but at a dump.

The game would feature advertisements by several big name companies including Waste Management and Charmin. Each would have five thirty second spots on television. The game would not be shown on regular television, either.

PBS would be the station that carried the game. The teams would both have to play without quarterbacks, much like they have for the first part of the season. The ball would be directly
snapped to the running backs, who would then be required to fumble at least four times each in the game.

The fumble rule and the quarterback rule are two that were put in place by the NFL to ensure the integrity of the game. They wanted to keep the game as close to realistic as possible.

There will be a performance by nobody at halftime. The fans will have to sit in silence as both teams try to regroup from their miserable first halves. Again, that was done to make sure the game stays as close to a real situation for the Bengals and the Lions.

At the end of the game, both teams will shake hands and tell each other how bad they all played.